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The Tale of a Tiny Droplet

The Tale of a Tiny Droplet

 Ally Daanish

Paperback 32 Pages
Size: 8.5 x 11 in.

About The Book

The tale, told in rhyme, tells the story of a tiny droplet, who takes a brave journey to live in a bright kingdom, away from a stormy cloud. On her journey, the droplet makes new friends and encounters a greedy wave.

Will the friends be caught or will they escape? What will happen to the droplet's dream of living in the kingdom?

The book touches on themes such as trust in Allah, Allah's creation, humility and pride, parents, friendship and companionship, all in a fun way. Science is also explored in an easy-to-understand way.​

This enjoyable book will go a long way in developing the reader’s appreciation for Allah’s creation, and in instilling core values such as cooperation, ambition and determination in their lives.

Full colour illustrations. 

"(The raindrop) became high by lowering itself. It knocked on the door of extinction and so came to exist". Saadi of Shiraz

Price: £5.99

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