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Black Seed Miracle Hair Oil - Hawas Product Photo Product Photo

Black Seed Miracle Hair Oil - Hawas

 Black Seed Miracle Hair Oil

This magnificent product has been formulated especially with unique & rare types of natural oils, different types of essential oils & ancient herbs. They have been valued for their healing properties for thousands of years

The natural oils are a good source of nutrients, energy & proteins as well as moisturiser. They are a source of vitamins, minerals & amino acids (which make up the keratin, the basic substance of the hair). The essential oils can stimulate the hair follicles & increase blood circulation & oxidization sufficiently to bring about re growth of hair although in some cases this may resemble vellus or baby hair.

The oils penetrates deeply into the hair shaft & follicles to give your hair gentle treatment to avoid further damage & loss. These oils stimulate your scalp to encourage new & stronger growth. Miracle Hair Oil contains the black seed oil or Nigella Sativa extract, which contains:Nigellone,Minerals, Phosphorus, phosphates, Iron, Calcium, Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Sulphur, Protein, Vitamin A (Retinol) & Vitamin E (Tocopherols). It also contains the Carotene, which is anti-cancer.

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