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Premium Leather socks

Premium Leather socks

Premium Soft Leather

Quality Brand

Leather Socks Kuffain Kuff Slippers Sunnah

Excellent quality leather socks (Khuffain) made from a soft black 100 % top grain Leather.
These are soft leather socks that can be used for Islamic Prayers, dawah journeys or just to keep your feet warm in the winter. 
Leather socks provide warmth and convenience.

Wear them in a state of wudu, say after taking bath, and then keep them on for up to 24 hours while staying at home and up to 72 hours while traveling. Then every time you perform wudu, you do not have to wash your feet while they are on; just swipe a wet hand over the socks. 

Since we lose most of the body heat from the head and feet, so they are also a very effective means of staying warm during the cold weather. 

Benefits of Leather socks :
First and foremost it is a sunnah
Protection from diseases of feet
Protection against cold
Prevents chipping and soreness
Keeps the feet dry, prevents bad odour.

Extremely rugged with quality side zippers and Velcro/ Button to keep them from opening. 
Reinforcement stitches (see the pictures), strong and hardwearing. 
Flannel lining at the sole of the socks,  comfortable to wear, helps in retaining heat during winter.
Leather backing over joints.

 Available in Size : 

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13   * Choose the same as your normal Uk shoe size *

Colours:  Black, 


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