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Foldable Wudhu Travel Jug - Pocket Size Product Photo Product Photo

Foldable Wudhu Travel Jug - Pocket Size

Pocket Size Travel Jug - 1litre - 
  • Compact and portable, so easy to store and carry
  • Provided with self sealing pouch
  • Sturdy and stable to minimise spillage
  • Improved spout for accurate pouring
  • Hygienic
  • Discreet
  • Dignified

 comes in a silver velcro pouch pocket sized

Width - 178mm
Height - 215mm
Volume - 800ml (0.8 litre)

Pouch - 13cm x 13cm

The inventor of the WuduMate Moazzam Ali says:-

"It is the ideal solution for Muslims who want to undertake istinja (washing of intimate areas) before performing wudu (ablution before prayer)". 

"I didn't always have a mineral water bottle to hand when I wanted to wash, and taking cups of water into a toilet is not always practical, so the WuduMate is ideal. It can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag, can hold a litre of water which is far more than the small water bottles which we normally use, and after use can be easily folded away again for use next time" 

Price: £5.99

Free Postage Anywhere in UK*


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