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Car Electric Incense Bakhoor Burner

Beautifully Designed Car Incense Bakhoor Burners

  • Comes with a Switch on and off button
  • Plugs into any car cigarette socket - Car Incense burner plugs into the (12V) outlet in your car.
  • Bakhoor scent not included).

Do not use the incense burner while the car is in motion and do not use the equipment for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Unplug the equipment when not in use and take care when handling the incense burner as it can get extremely hot.

How to Use:

1.Plug in car incense burner into 12V outlet in your car. switch in the charger and let it heat up for 2-3 minutes.

2.Put a small amount of bukhoor on the plate and make sure to crank up your AC/Heater in the car.

3. Switch of the incense burner after 2-3 minutes.

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