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Oudh Al Qamar - Unisex

Fragrance Perfume: Oudh Al Qamar Black

Musk forms the starting chord of the composition, in the heart Aldehydes; and the base is the Woody chord.

Feel confident and fresh Oudh Al Qamar Black from Oudh Al Anfar, famous for the long-lasting pleasant smell.

A beautiful and distinctive perfume, which gives you a touch of confidence and freshness. Suitable for all occasions and satisfies all tastes.

Fragrance Notes: Oriental

Top Notes: Sweet Musk
Middle Notes: Aldehydic
Base Notes: Woody, Ambery

Perfume for: Unisex

Size: 100ml

Type: Perfume Spray


Fragrance Perfume: Oudh Al Qamar Pour Femme Purple

A classic oriental fragrance for women. The aroma is a mixture of traditional Arabic ingredients - a sweet-smoky smell of oud bound in the east, a bright chord of floral notes, and a soft velvety smell of spicy wood. However, unlike classical arabian perfumes, the smell of oud in the aromatic composition does not dominate, suppressing, and forcing other aromatic notes to serve as a backdrop. Thanks to this, the aroma sounds more familiar to europeans who prefer less saturated and easier to wear aromas. 

This scent is made from premium quality ingredients for a fabulous long-lasting scent that will thrill the senses and impress everyone in your vicinity. 

Fragrance Notes:  Oriental

Top Note: Musk and Oud

Middle Note: Aldehydic

Base Note: Woody

Perfume for: Women

Size: 100ml

Type: Perfume Spray


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