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Al-Mujawwad (4 CDs) - Tajweed Readings from the Qur'an Product Photo Product Photo

Al-Mujawwad (4 CDs) - Tajweed Readings from the Qur'an

Duration: 4 hours 7 minutes

Al-Mujawwad is a 4-CD set compilation album containing classic Tajweed recitations (slow and elongated readings) from world famous and legendary Qur’ān reciters, such as SHAYKH Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, SHAYKH Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi, Shaykh Muhammad Mahmud Al-Tablawi and Shaykh Ahmed Nuaina. They are all masters of Tajweed and selected Qirā’āt (diff erent styles of reading) with unique differences
between them and all originate from Egypt, a culture with a strong tradition and well established legacy in producing high calibre Qur’ān reciters over centuries.

They have been selected as distinctive masters in their field and are recognised throughout the Muslim world for their Qur’ān recitation and vocal artistry. These recitations are slow, deep, reflective, intense, drawn out and emotional.

The Mujawwad style of recitation aims to demonstrate the precision in Tajweed, skills in Sifāt (manners of articulation) and the ability to read in diff erent forms of Muqāmāt (emotional states conveyed through several primary styles or melodies such as ʿAjam, Bayāt, Hijāz, Nahāwand, Rast, Sabā, Jiharkah, Kurdi, Sikah etc.). This creates a dynamic and dramatic effect where mood is evoked by the recitation. This method of reading can be highly extensive and has a force not present in the mostly syllabic content of Murattal recitations

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