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Toothwak - Miswak Headed Natural Toothbrush Product Photo Product Photo Product Photo

Toothwak - Miswak Headed Natural Toothbrush

Replaceable Miswak Headed Natural Toothbrush – The Eco-Friendly Change… 

The oldest method of oral hygiene has been revolutionised to suit all your needs.

Medical Professionals have over the years, studied the natural, antibacterial properties found in the Miswak, which is extracted from the roots and branches of a Salvadora Persica Tree. Research shows that when used correctly, the Miswak is extremely beneficial for your oral hygiene. Some of these natural benefits include; eliminating harmful bacteria, fighting bad odour, plaque reduction and the Miswak can help naturally whiten the teeth, amongst many others.

Toothwak has been designed combining the ease and comfort of a regular toothbrush, with its wooden body, and the natural bristles of a Miswak. Choose Toothwak for your health and make a difference at the same time. Change the bristle heads regularly for hygiene reasons!


What are our brush handles made out of?

The body of the brush is made from Tica or Orange Wood – from an Orange Tree, these are both used depending on the type of model you decide to go for. The Luxury Toothwak is made using Orange Wood which is just as luxurious as the name sounds. This particular type of Wood Tree is perfect for carving, which is why this Brush will have one of the smoothest finishes. The Classic Toothwaks are made using Tica Wood.

Care Guide and Warnings

After the product is removed from its storage container, the bristles should be soaked in water for 15 minutes initially, in order to increase the product lifespan. The water also activates the fibres within the product.

It is recommended to wash the Toothwak with water for 2-3 seconds before each use.
Remember to change your Toothwak heads regularly. They can be easily removed by turning it anti-clockwise.

Your Toothwak should not be left in water as this will cause staining and deterioration in the quality of the product.

Your Toothwak should be stored dried after use, uncovered. The airflow will prevent bacterial buildup on your product and it should also be placed away from other plastic toothbrushes.

Since the Toothwak Miswak Toothbrush has changeable heads, please make sure to keep your toothwak out of sight and reach from child
Replacement HeadsEnjoy nine replacement heads in our airtight storage container.
Miswak powder: This natural remedy has a pronounced whitening and anti-inflammatory effect which prevents gum disease and leaves your mouth feeling as fresh as can be. The benefits in using our Powder in comparison to a regular toothpaste are endless. This Powder is 100% natural and contains no harsh chemicals or fluoride and lasts more than 3 times the time of a regular toothpaste, as a little goes a long way…
Toothwak tooothbrush - £9.99
Replacement Heads - £9.99
Miswak powder - £5.99

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