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IslamIn today's society the perception of Islam has been viewed as negative. There are many stereotypes and stigmas attached to the term Islam. Since September 11 th 2001 a further collision occurred to the reputation of the Muslims. Many cornerstones of society exploited this tragic event for corporate reason known to many. This pamphlet will shed some intellectual light and describe the true underlying foundation that Islam exists upon. Islam is a religion that has existed from the beginning of time, with the first man being Adam (Peace and blessing be upon him). The only sole purpose of man is only to worship God; this is the primordial purpose that is innate in all human beings.

Throughout the ages God has sent many Prophets too many different civilisations that need to be rectified spiritually. Examples of some of theses prophets are; Prophet Adam (Peace and blessing be upon him), Prophet Moses (Peace and blessing be upon him), Prophet Abraham (Peace and blessing be upon him), Prophet Jesus (Peace and blessing be upon him), Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him). These are just some of all the Prophets sent to different cultures and communities to convey the message of worshiping one God.

The first prophet that existed on this temporary abode was Adam (Peace and blessing be upon him) and the last Prophet to step on this temporary abode was the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him). After him no other Prophet will be sent: he is the last and final messenger.

Islam is base d upon five pillars that hold up the foundation of it's holistically. These five pillars are:

•  Testify to the affirmation of one God
•  Prayer
•  To fast in the month of Ramadhan
•  To perform the pilgrimage
•  To pay alms



The Arabic word Islam itself has a literal meaning of peace. Hence a Muslim is a person who adheres him/herself to peace. The whole basis of Islam is surrounded by peace. The same way the people in the West say their ‘hellos and goodbyes' a Muslim is ought to say Arabic words to each other … ‘Assalamu Alaykum' which literally means, ‘peace be upon you' .

Islam is not a mere religion but a whole way of life. Hence apart from worshipping the one God it is equally obligatory to be at peace with each other-the whole human race-moreover with every living creature. It is vitally important to be accepted as a Muslim that one be at peace with there neighbours, friends, family and workmates .


Islam teaches a belief too, which is all but very simple.

To believe in one God only no other ‘creature' is to be held responsible worthy of worship.

To believe in the angels, that there are such creation whom God has appointed to carry out his orders.

To believe in the holy Books that God revealed to mankind for their guidance.

To believe in certain people appointed as Prophets that God sent to Earth for the good.

To believe in the ‘Last Day' that God has decreed for the whole human kind for their deeds to be reckoned on.

To believe in that our fate has been decreed by God whether good or bad.

To believe that there is an ultimate life after passing away from this world.


These beliefs are from the heart and are the fundamental beliefs of a Muslim.

After which it is the basic that a Muslim is ought to strive on day in day out. Have I hurt anyone? Have I been good to my parents? Have I looked after my neighbours? Have I treated my family good? Have I gained anything financially with illegitimate cause? These are the sort of questions a Muslim should have a anxiety about, as these are the fundamentals duties of a Muslim.


Yes, Muslims worship but a word of peace or a mere smile is a form of a greater worship for a Muslim too. Many Muslims pray each day as do all the other faith but in different methods. Muslims are told to fast certain times of the year, a tradition of the Christians, Jews and Hindus too. Muslims are to become a generous society who is to look after the poor by giving charity.

Muslims will make pilgrimage- a spiritual journey of a lifetime. All these form of worship that is adhered by most religions but in different measures and methods.

These requisites with their correct measures and methods are given by God in order that one becomes a peaceful person in this world.