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Al-Atfaal Magazine - Issue 27

Al-Atfaal Magazine - Issue 27

Al-Atfaal (the children) is an Islamic Magazine for young Muslims, published every three months. it is specially designed to attract their attention towards Islam in a way most familiar to them.

A firm belief in the greatness, beauty and practical lesson of Islam will give us strong faith and confidence in ourselves. However we cannot expect to be good Muslims without a sound knowledge of Islam.

This magazine will help the young Muslims learn more about Islam, thereby increasing their Islamic awareness, hence helping the young Muslims of today to stand up against the non-Muslim ideas encountered in their lives.

Alhough Al-Atfaal is primarily intended for the young, it is hoped that adults too might benifit from its contents. Indeed all Muslim parents and teachers are encouraged to participate in reading the magazine with the children.

You will notice that we keep away from drawing faces of people and animals or using rude jokes. This is to make sure that we teach and lern in a way that is blessed and pure.

We pray to Allah that you will partake in the information presented from authentic sources (Quran and Ahaadeeth) and put it into practice, Ameen.

Publisher: The Islamic Establishment
Author: The Islamic Establishment

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